ORALscreen4 is the worlds first rapid collection test system for drugs of abuse, point of contact and ready to use anywhere at anytime by almost anyone makes this the ideal testing system.

ORALscreen4 tests for Marijuana(THC), Cocaine, Opiates and Methamphetamine including Ecstasy

Oralscreens many advantages:
•Eliminates messy urine handling
•Removes embarrassment
•Results in minutes
•No special collection facilities required
•Definite sample source to ensure CHAIN OF CUSTODY
•Greatly reduced adulteration and cross contamination
•Ready to use anytime anywhere
•Highly cost effective

Place the foam collector
In the mouth and allow fluids to enter the foam (Approx. 2 minutes)

Slide the hood forward to squeeze the foam and expel the oral fluid
(4 drops) into the sample well

Allow test to run for
15 minutes

A NEGATIVE result is indicated by a red line at the drug code.
A POSITIVE result is indicated by the absence of a red line at the drug code.

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