Q.E.D saliva alcohol test

The disposable Q.E.D alcohol test is a simple, accurate and reliable means of testing for alcohol levels. D.O.T approved* (USA) the Q.E.D can be used as an accurate screening device in place of blood tests, in clinical trials saliva alcohol levels measured with the Q.E.D tests demonstrated high correlation to blood analysis by gas chromatography(r=0.98)l.

*A150 test only
**Data on study conducted by Thomas Jefferson University hospital.
Study conducted by Rutgers University, centre of alcoholic studies

•Reliable, fast and simple
•Quantitative results in minutes
•Reads like a thermometer
•Non invasive
•Available in 2 testing ranges
~A150 (0-145 mg/dL, 0-0.145% Blood Alcohol Content
~A350 (0-300 mg/dL, 0-0.345% Blood Alcohol Content

Three Easy Steps

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