Drug & Alcohol Testing Systems For the ORALscreen rapid on-site oral fluid screening device which can detect up to four classes of drugs of abuse (opiates, marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine including MDMA/Ecstasy). ORALscreen is becoming the drug testing system of many individuals and companies both large and small here in the UK and around the world.

Alcohol abuse in the workplace costs the UK around £2billion each year and drug abuse an estimated £800 million with a combined 14 million lost working days each year.

We offer drug and alcohol testing kits that are:-

•Easy to use no special skills required
•Non invasive, dignified testing
•No urine to handle
•Point of contact, can be used anywhere
•No special collection facilities required
•Results in minutes
•Highly accurate results

Potential used for:

•Random testing in the work place
•Post accident
•Reasonable cause
•Self test
•At home as a deterrent against possible drug or alcohol abuse


Pocket size breathalizer, easy to use and read ideal for home, office and works safety.

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